About The Show

Welcome to Project Skyscraper™, the longest running game show on the net! We have been providing you all with 24 hours a day, 6 days a week (since the abolishment of Mondays) entertainment for the past 34 years and counting! From the shows early days starting out as a humble arena shooter, to what you know now, the free of charge community helping pillar of our society. We have always had our fans as our top priority, providing you all with the biggest thrills, goriest kills, and of course, only the highest quality ad breaks. So the next time you tune in, remember that we love you, and to drink Infinammo™, you’ll last all night!™

Currently we are filming Project Skyscraper™ in Sector 3 of Mega-Junction 11, and if you’ve been following along with the show you’ll know it’s our most exciting, action packed season yet! As you may know this sector was the first to receive commercial prototypes of the Disposable Pocket Rocket™, so you can expect some explosive situations if any of our contestants happen to pick one up! On top of this we have partnered with Clone-O-Matic™ as our newest sponsor, so if you’re lucky enough, the contestant you bet your mortgage on might get a second wind! As always with every season of our show, our hearts go out to the all awesome graffiti artists out there responsible for making our show as unique and vibrant as it always has been!

Our Contestants

Last season's champion, Rico Red, has some inspiring words to say to all of his fans! “I had loads of fun last season clearing floors and drinking refreshing cans of Headshot™ straight out of the machines! I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to explore all sorts of exotic floors during my time in Mega-building 6N Gamma, I saw luxury apartments, sprawling malls and beautiful office cubicle spaces, all thanks to Project Skyscraper™ and their benevolent sponsors!”. As always, each champion of their respective season gets the grand prize of living in the top floor penthouse of their final Mega-building! What an amazing reward! If you would like the next season of Project Skyscraper to take place in your very own Mega-building, send us some fan mail, we’d love to hear from you!


You may be asking yourself, “Do I have what it takes to become a contestant?”, “How do I sign up for the next season of Project Skyscraper™?” or “What tastes better, Headshot™ or Infinammo™? Heck, shouldn’t I just buy both and find out???”. These are all valid questions to be asking yourself right now, but unless you’re craving a tasty refreshing beverage, the answer will either be “probably not” or “you can’t!”. If you’ve seen the recent documentary “How Project Skyscraper™ can afford to bring you amazing ads for such a low cost!™”, you’ll know the contestants are hand picked from the states top penitentiaries, meaning only the toughest and nastiest physical beasts currently serving time as state contrarians get to participate. But don’t worry! Run down to your local arcade as the new “Project Skyscraper™ Entertainment System™” is now available for everyone to play!